Hello, I’m Chi-Yun. A UI/UX designer with a wide range of skills. I help craft engaging interfaces and fun, innovative designs.



Need help designing a digital experience? I can help concept, wireframe, test, and style whatever application you are building.

Graphic Design

Want a poster to look pretty? An email to catch your customer’s eye? A t-shirt that promotes your company’s 5k event? I’ve created graphic designs for numerous purposes and clients.


I’m a pretty good illustrator. Whether it’s editorial work or character design. Comic style or painted. You can see more here.


Nothing spices up a static looking image than adding some motion! I’ve tweened some curves in my day.


I’ve managed a few design teams in my day and I’d like to think that I lead by example. I wouldn’t ask someone under me to do a task that I would not be comfortable doing. And I believe in positive reinforcement as opposed to focusing on the negative.  I am a good team player and work well with others and I like nothing better than a team that is happy and friendly with each other.

How do I work?

I’m often asked to explain my process, so I’ve put together a little explanation on
how it all comes together. 

Tell me more!

Selected Projects