Chi-Yun Lau

UX/UI Designer

Hello there! My name is Chi-Yun. I’m a Boston based UX/UI designer with over 15 years of experience in creative and product design, user experience, and illustration.

I’m a creative thinker who likes to observe how people use and interact with products. I believe in empathizing with users as it gives us the greatest guidance into designing effective and pleasing interfaces. I enjoy collaborating and working with other creative people and I love being part of a fun and dynamic team.


Just a few of the skills and tools I bring to the table.


From research and user personas to wireframes and prototypes. I’m well versed in the iterative process of user experience.


Digital, print, animation, marketing, vinyls, stickers… I’ve done it all.


Learning software is the easy part. Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Axure, Sketch, and more. I even have some HTML/CSS chops.

Team Player

I love to collaborate and work with others. I pride myself on being an easy going guy who is capable of fitting into any team.

Portfolio Upon Request

Chi-Yun (at) Chi-Yun (dot) com

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