I’ve been working for Homesite Insurance (an American Family Insurance company) for the past 5 years. In that time I’ve had a hand in virtually all their insurance products from property, auto, commercial, life, and more. In addition to working on their insurance applications, I’ve contributed creative design to their marketing materials, email communications, corporate communications, and other departments.


My main focus at Homesite has been UX/UI design for their online insurance offerings. I am currently the senior designer for the life insurance application which involves guiding team members toward thinking about how the users will interact with the application and ensuring that we do not lose sight of user-centric design.

Graphic Design

In addition to my UX/UI duties, I have been involved with many projects that make use of my graphic design skills including print materials, internal communications, presentation assets, and even vinyl lettering.


I’ve found that when people discover that I’m able to draw, they will search for opportunities to make use of my abilities, and I’m all too happy to do so! Throughout my time at Homesite I’ve had the opportunity to create some illustrations for various purposes ranging from internal communications to office assets and promotions.


Fashionplaytes was a e-commerce startup which dealt with tween girl fashion. During my time there I was involved with designing their ios app, website, products, and marketing materials.

A standalone app was also developed which I contributed to. Testing was performed to determine what features and functionality was desired from the target audience.

An assortment of product assets. I was required to create both original and branded materials. When partnered with different brands and were given access to their style guides and materials.

Marketing materials. I lost count how many of these promotional images I designed. Also, this is how I learned to code html emails and then test them on every conceivable email client. Ahh startup life.

When I worked for WGBH, I was hired on as a digital designer specifically for WGBH kids. I helped to design a variety of online games for various properties including Curious George and Fetch.

An assortment of Curious George and Fetch! games.

All the games had an educational and science based lesson to impart and thus each one had to adhere to various educational standards. Not only did I design the interface for each different game, but I also had to adapt, create, and animate assets from various show properties to place into an onkline environment.

In addition to online games I also had a hand in helping to design math apps to be used in an educational environment. This involved brainstorming various games based on foundational math concepts, helping to wireframe and sketch out how they should look and behave, and user testing. User testing with k-2 children is an interesting experience and definitely differs from the user testing I’ve done with adults.


I also contributed website design for a few WGBH media properties.