When I worked for WGBH, I was hired on as a digital designer specifically for WGBH kids. I helped to design a variety of online games for various properties including Curious George and Fetch.

An assortment of Curious George and Fetch! games.

All the games had an educational and science based lesson to impart and thus each one had to adhere to various educational standards. Not only did I design the interface for each different game, but I also had to adapt, create, and animate assets from various show properties to place into an onkline environment.

In addition to online games I also had a hand in helping to design math apps to be used in an educational environment. This involved brainstorming various games based on foundational math concepts, helping to wireframe and sketch out how they should look and behave, and user testing. User testing with k-2 children is an interesting experience and definitely differs from the user testing I’ve done with adults.


I also contributed website design for a few WGBH media properties.