Hello There

Hi, I’m Chi-Yun. I’m a Boston based creative designer and I can help you create stellar products that look and feel great.


Who Am I?

I've been working in the creative field for over 15 years and I have a wealth of experience developing visual and creative solutions for a variety of industries. I've done work for everything from online gaming to property insurance. I have done product design, user testing, print and marketing, app development, and I've even coded a few web pages here and there. I work well with teams and I know how to get things done.


I have skills…

Creative Direction

From illustration to web design, I have had a hand in virtually all types of creative production.

UI and UX

Wireframing, user testing, interface design


Familiarity with CSS/HTML, development, and numerous software packages.

Team Building and Leadership

I've worked with many different sized teams in a variety of disciplines. I lead by example and pride myself on being able to work with almost anyone.

Looking for a resume?

Here you go!

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