Hi, I'm Chi-Yun. An illustrator, designer, and general creative jack of all trades. I've worked on games, websites, apps, print, and more. I like to draw. I can draw anything.

More About Me

I’ve been working in the Boston area since I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2001. Since then, I’ve worked on casino gaming, educational content, console games, e-commerce, tween girl fashion, mobile apps and more! I’ve developed an expansive skill base that encompases digital and traditional illustration, 2D and 3D animation, web and app design, UI / UX design, coding, and expertise in numerous creative applications. Not least of which include the entire Adobe creative suite. I’m confident that I can solve any creative problem presented to me.

I live in Boston with a couple of monkeys (sons) and a wife who puts up with monkey business. In my spare time (yeah right) I like to hang out with my kids, draw comics and stuff, and play video games (hit me up on Steam!)

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